Toilet Repairs Coventry

If your toilet is not working the way it should you can rely on the Plumbing Doctors to get it back up and running. 

We carry most of the toilet spare parts which are required in the van such as fill valves, syphons, washers, bolts, etc. This enables us to repair your toilet on the first visit which keeps costs down. 

The Fill Valve fills the cistern up with water and the Syphon allows the water to flush down the pan when you push the handle or press the button.

We use quality parts such as Viva or Fluidmaster

So whether your toilet is not filling up, not flushing, leaking or you want to upgrade from a handle to a push button you can trust us to sort the problem out. 

We can also replace your toilet for a new fresh, push button, soft close toilet. 

Here is a video of us repairing a toilet in Coventry - Replacing a Fill Valve 

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