Push Fit Plastic Fittings Explained

Plastic pipe and plastic fittings have been around for quite a while now. Some people do not understand the benifits of using plastic pipes/ fittings. Plastic

Why we use plastic?

Ease of installation is one of the main reasons that a lot of tradesmen use plastic. It can be joined and dismantled within secounds, most of the fittings are re useable (unlike copper fittings). As plastic is more flexible it eleminates the need of a bender to bend the pipes and also decrease the number of fittings needed. Platic pipe is availbe from 10mm up to 28mm

How to use plastic fittings?

Push fit fittings come in elbows, T pieces and straight couplers. There is an 'O' ring seal and a grap ring which secures the pipe and makes the connection water tight. Use of 'inserts' are very important. Inserts are pushed into the pipe before joining pipes into the fittings. Make sure the pipe is fully inserted into the fittings (around an 1inch) otherwise it may leak. Use of some type of lube inside the fittings or on the pipe will help pushing the pipe in.

Personally i like to use JG Speedfit as they are one of the leading manufacutures. If you would like to know more check there website out:


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