Boiler Not Working? Try these before calling an engineer

Boiler not working; this is what you should check.

The most common time for a central heating boiler to break down is when we need it most. Finding yourself without heating and/or hot water can be very distressing, especially in freezing weather. It is very important if your boiler does break that you do not attempt to fix it yourself. Not only could this be dangerous, but it could invalidate your household insurance and any guarantees the boiler may have. For these reasons it is important to call in an expert, but before you do this you can take notes on what the problem is and there are some steps you can take before you call an engineer.

Electricity? Have you got any power?

Check to see if you have any lights on your boiler this would indicate you have electric power to your boiler.

Gas? Do you have any Gas at your meter?

If you have a pre pay gas meter; check if you have enough credit (money) on your card. You can also check if you have gas from you gas cooker if you have one.

Check programmer or thermostat

If it is wireless check your battery's. Sometimes people do not actually know how to operate the controls so its worth reading the operating instructions.

If all above fails then give the Plumbing Doctors a call and we will diagnose and repair the problem. You can rely on us to keep your home warm.

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